The Bridge Effect

March 16, 2009 at 1:02 pm (Work) ()

Every day I drive along the highway and witness what can only be called the “Bridge effect”. Basically traffic is moving along and all of a sudden…there is a a bridge and everyone slows down and brakes. Thus the ripple effect that what once was an average speed of 70 is now 30 (sometimes a full stand still) until after you have passed this bridge. It is very frustrating because this bridge has been there for many, many years and as far as I am aware is not very picturesque. I thought for awhile maybe people were afraid it was in disrepair, but its not. Somedays I wonder if the first person to break that day realizes what a backup they have created. Do they even care that because of them my 20min drive is now 50min! I will never know.


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