No reason

March 19, 2009 at 9:26 am (Life) ()

Last night attended a class on buying a house. It was very overwhelming but I am determined to do this and to do it this year. My only real fear is do we have enough money coming in to afford this investment. At the gym I got to witness what waking up on the wrong side looks like. While in the shower, a girl on the other side kept hurumphing and even said “get out of the shower already” she continued with this attitude and I must say it made me want to stay in longer. Besides I was having my own bad morning, I for to grab hair gel or hair spray and so I am a giant ball of frizz. But it was no one’s fault but mine. Today I maxed out at 3.7 speed and incline of 3.5. Oh and my debit card isn’t working for some reason, luckily I have my check book and some cash on me! This weekend we are going away to PA to see a comedian and I am more excited about getting away than I am about the show. Vacation is soon, I think maybe.


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