With nothing left to say

March 26, 2009 at 1:30 pm (Life) (, , )

I am careful with my web presence. I don’t discuss in great detail my life, the people in my life and I certainly do not discuss my job. So really what else is to talk about. I went to a seminar today and the question keeps coming up, who cares? When using platforms like Twitter does anyone really care what you have to say (I do have a Twitter account  too). Why read my blog? Do you care what I think about the traffic situation or how fighting internal demons (my weight) changes my life? The thing is I ask these question but i am apart of the culture that does seem to care. I have accounts on the web, I feel disconnected if I don’t check them. I get most of my news and statistics for work on the web. However, when I try to answer the question for myself I draw a blank.

Why do I have a Twitter account? Originally it was to better understand the medium and see if any of my clients could utilize it. Now that I have a handle on it and use it frequently I find myself following others in my field, in the field I admire and news outlets. Twitter has allowed me to keep up on the latest trends and news. I do wonder why anyone would follow me but who am I to judge.

Why do I have a Digg account? Same as Twitter except I find it a bit confusing and generally not interested in what is there.

Why do I have a Wikipedia account? Easy I found out some of our clients had entries and decided to ensure that the entries were correct, linked back to their website and was in the same voice as their website. This way the message is consistant.

Why do I have a LinkedIn page? Funny thing, I started the account so I could read a person’s profile that I was writing a press release about. Now I use it to ask broad questions in my field and try to network with other professionals.

Why do I have a Myspace page and a Facebook page? Both were because some friends were there and I wanted to communicate with them . Both of these are personal pages, I try very hard to keep my professional and personal life separate.

Finally why did I start a blog? I like to write and some days the thoughts just build up in the head and need to be sacrificed to the page(screen). I don’t think anyone follows this. I follow a few blogs but they tend to be again professionals in my field or professionals in a field that I will need help with one day.

And with that I don’t think I have anything else to say today.


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