Proofreading Prevails

April 28, 2009 at 8:21 am (Work) ()

I generally don’t discuss work but I feel I must expound on this pet peeve of mine – Be Consistent. I proofread a document for a client that will be placed on their website as well as printed and mailed out and was baffled by the inconsistencies. The numerous different spellings, the crazy punctuation and formating that was different on each and every page. Now the thing that has me truly flabbergasted is I was told “its ok”. No it is not ok. This is an official document representing the client how can it be ok that in some places they use a – and other places its — and after some bullets there is a ; others have a .  I have an English Degree I worked for a newspaper as an Editor it kills me that I spent all this time going over this document attempting to bring it together in one cohesive flow of punctuation and spelling to be told its ok! I don’t know if its my type A personality, the years of school work writing or the editor that wants it to flow and look good and believes there should be an order a flow to the document. I just don’t understand how this can be ok as a representation of a client. If this is what its like across the board I am doomed!


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Random thoughts poured out in no real order.

April 24, 2009 at 10:13 am (Life) ()

What a week and finally it is Friday. There is a lot to accomplish this weekend. I have a babyshower to attend and I am going to walk in a March of Dimes event with a friend. Plus clean, exercise and try to visit the relatives that are struggling and oh yeah decide what if anything to get for my aunt whom I share a birthday with – she will be 50 and I will 29. Also I have been thinking lately about whom will preside over the wedding ceremony. 

A friend wrote to yesterday that she was trying to hang on to the positives in life, though they are hard to see at the moment. I reminded her that when the positives in life are hard to see you gather other peoples lights to shine the way. Because no matter how dark you can always find some light.

My positives: I have my health, kinda(working on the weight and depression stuff); I have a fun and eccentric family; I have a job; I have a man that loves and accept me completely for me and hasn’t run away screaming; I have an apartment full of plants; I have fish that haven’t died yet; I have a car that runs; I have friends I can count on; I have dreams and I have love.

I fell in love with this Tulip.

I fell in love with this Tulip at the Tulip Festival in Albany.

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Weddings and Houses

April 21, 2009 at 9:22 am (Uncategorized)

I have been with the same man for 9.5 years and he proposed last week. So now we are planning a wedding and looking at houses. I am a bit overwhelmed by how much planning and money goes into both of these life changing events. My mother is already driving me crazy. Less than 24 hours after we announced we were engaged she had found a wedding dress and picked a date for me. I am not going with that date and I hated the dress she found. The houses are another story. I keep looking at them and want to physically go there and he keeps putting it off but he was determined to have a house by the end of this year. I need to lose some weight so I can look fabulous and feel fabulous in my wedding dress and yet he keeps offering me deserts! I am frustrated. I hope once the initial shock of this engagement wears off we can focus on the house and planning the wedding and I can get me healthy.

Step one: pick a venue for the wedding and an area for a house

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Thoughts on Death

April 16, 2009 at 12:00 pm (Life)

I have seen lots of death. My mother used to work for hospice and has many jobs in hospitals so I was never shielded from what death is. The thing is while I am sad that these people are no longer here to share this adventure of life with me I am happy for them. Not in a religious sort of way but most of the ones I have experienced they were in pain. Now that they have left they are no longer suffering. How can we be upset knowing that this person that we cared for no longer is in pain or suffering. The minute we think our animals are in pain we take them to the vet and end it for them because we can’t bare to watch them suffer. Yet we sit back and watch the people in our lives deteriorate and suffer thru torture that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. I miss father deeply everyday I feel the loss of him but his pain was palatable so I take comfort that now he isn’t in pain. I’m watching someone else I care very deeply for suffer as his illness has crippled him to the point that he is no longer the man I first met. It breaks my heart. 

I knew a priest who died recently. His life was the church and he retired. Very soon after his retirement he found out he was dyeing. I told my mother I didn’t think he would stay long, his illness would cause him to suffer and he had fulfilled his purpose. He was gone quickly but I am not sad. He barely suffered and I do not doubt that he is in a better place now.  

My grandmother is 91 and I worry how long she has. She isn’t suffering or in much pain (some arthritis) She is still a pistol and stubborn as ever. I just hope she never has to experience the pain and suffering I have witnessed in so many others before they die. 

So this post is suitably depressing – to be expected – 3 deaths in just as many weeks.

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