Thoughts on Death

April 16, 2009 at 12:00 pm (Life)

I have seen lots of death. My mother used to work for hospice and has many jobs in hospitals so I was never shielded from what death is. The thing is while I am sad that these people are no longer here to share this adventure of life with me I am happy for them. Not in a religious sort of way but most of the ones I have experienced they were in pain. Now that they have left they are no longer suffering. How can we be upset knowing that this person that we cared for no longer is in pain or suffering. The minute we think our animals are in pain we take them to the vet and end it for them because we can’t bare to watch them suffer. Yet we sit back and watch the people in our lives deteriorate and suffer thru torture that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. I miss father deeply everyday I feel the loss of him but his pain was palatable so I take comfort that now he isn’t in pain. I’m watching someone else I care very deeply for suffer as his illness has crippled him to the point that he is no longer the man I first met. It breaks my heart. 

I knew a priest who died recently. His life was the church and he retired. Very soon after his retirement he found out he was dyeing. I told my mother I didn’t think he would stay long, his illness would cause him to suffer and he had fulfilled his purpose. He was gone quickly but I am not sad. He barely suffered and I do not doubt that he is in a better place now.  

My grandmother is 91 and I worry how long she has. She isn’t suffering or in much pain (some arthritis) She is still a pistol and stubborn as ever. I just hope she never has to experience the pain and suffering I have witnessed in so many others before they die. 

So this post is suitably depressing – to be expected – 3 deaths in just as many weeks.


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