Random thoughts poured out in no real order.

April 24, 2009 at 10:13 am (Life) ()

What a week and finally it is Friday. There is a lot to accomplish this weekend. I have a babyshower to attend and I am going to walk in a March of Dimes event with a friend. Plus clean, exercise and try to visit the relatives that are struggling and oh yeah decide what if anything to get for my aunt whom I share a birthday with – she will be 50 and I will 29. Also I have been thinking lately about whom will preside over the wedding ceremony. 

A friend wrote to yesterday that she was trying to hang on to the positives in life, though they are hard to see at the moment. I reminded her that when the positives in life are hard to see you gather other peoples lights to shine the way. Because no matter how dark you can always find some light.

My positives: I have my health, kinda(working on the weight and depression stuff); I have a fun and eccentric family; I have a job; I have a man that loves and accept me completely for me and hasn’t run away screaming; I have an apartment full of plants; I have fish that haven’t died yet; I have a car that runs; I have friends I can count on; I have dreams and I have love.

I fell in love with this Tulip.

I fell in love with this Tulip at the Tulip Festival in Albany.


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