Proofreading Prevails

April 28, 2009 at 8:21 am (Work) ()

I generally don’t discuss work but I feel I must expound on this pet peeve of mine – Be Consistent. I proofread a document for a client that will be placed on their website as well as printed and mailed out and was baffled by the inconsistencies. The numerous different spellings, the crazy punctuation and formating that was different on each and every page. Now the thing that has me truly flabbergasted is I was told “its ok”. No it is not ok. This is an official document representing the client how can it be ok that in some places they use a – and other places its — and after some bullets there is a ; others have a .  I have an English Degree I worked for a newspaper as an Editor it kills me that I spent all this time going over this document attempting to bring it together in one cohesive flow of punctuation and spelling to be told its ok! I don’t know if its my type A personality, the years of school work writing or the editor that wants it to flow and look good and believes there should be an order a flow to the document. I just don’t understand how this can be ok as a representation of a client. If this is what its like across the board I am doomed!


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