Turtles, Mother in laws, and the diet

May 7, 2009 at 3:15 pm (Diet, Life) (, )

My soon to be  mother in law is what he and I refer to as army mom. She is very rough around the edges. No matter what the occasion she gets very angry if we buy her a gift. So this mother’s day I had a brilliant idea. I went to the World Wild Life page page and adopted a great white shark in her name. They sent me a stuffed shark, a picture of the shark, and explanation card about the shark and an adoption certificate. She can’t be mad we didn’t buy her anything we donated money instead. We are happy because no one really adopts sharks and we feel it suits her plus the stuffed animal is so darn cute! At the same time on a whim I donated to adopt a turtle – no stuffed animal though. Then today as I was pulling into the dead end road for my work after lunch I encountered a turtle trying to cross the road. (insert bad joke here) So I stopped the car and he was heading towards the highway so I picked him to bring him to the grass because he was sure to be killed on the road. As I reached for him his head ducked in, then as I began to walk he started to pee and darted his head out and opened his mouth wide. This turtle was about as big as my palm. I set him in the grass and began to walk away. As I sat at my desk later I found myself worrying if he was ok. Then I remembered my random adoption and had to laugh. I saved two turtles! I’m still wondering if I did the right thing maybe his family was across the road, what if I didn’t put him far enough in the grass and he got hurt. My brain never stops.

Well I am still struggling with this weight thing. I started and actual diet and I am trying to stick to it (its only been 5 days). I joined this site about getting married and they had a workout plan there to get healthy in 6 months in time for the big day. Well we don’t have a date yet and this plan was for getting healthy not necessarily losing weight so I printed it out. It included the diet. So 5 days on exercise plan and diet. Fiance swore he would be supportive and he tried except when he came home with a Peanut-Butter Cup (my big weakness) then had himself a chocolate chip cookie warm with icecream and offered me a bite. I had a bite and it was darn good, the cup is in the freezer. He means well, but he forgets some days and I guess I should be happy he loves me for me and doesn’t even think about the weight. One thing he and I have added though is we are taking swing dance lessons. So far we are only 2 classes in. I am happy I haven’t fallen on my butt, but he thinks we should be better. This coming from the man who as we were walking into class one asked if he really hated it if we could quit. After class one he went out and bought big band cd’s so we could practice more at home! So going to the gym 3 days a week plus swing dance and trying to follow this healthy living diet. Only bad thing, my face is breaking out again. Also I have to buy a small hair drier, there are only 2 at the gym and they always seem to be in use when I get there so I haven’t been able to dry my hair (ponytails and buns). Like I said before numbers don’t matter I just need to be comfortable in my skin again. I’m working on healing the inside, I found a dance partner, and passed along some good will. The outside will come in time. My insides are beautiful and soon with a bit of help so will my outside.

Random side note – I was super excited today realized I have over 100 followers on Twitter and one of them is James Rollins the writer!

House update – Going to see first  house on Saturday. We have general idea of the area where we want to be, so now comes finding the right house for us. Many  more house visits to come I’m sure!


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