Opposites Attract

June 1, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Life) ()

Jim was raised old fashioned, a man gets married when he can provide for his family.

I was raised to be independent and take care of myself.

Jim loves to camp.

I consider roughing it a hotel without room service (I do enjoy the woods more – now)

Jim loves the beach.

I burn in the sun.

I love to swim

Jim sinks.

Jim can sing

I make people cringe.

I can burn water.

Jim makes the best meals.

I am blind as a bat

Jim has better than perfect vision.

Jim loves bad cheesy movies

I love the theatre

I’m short

Jim is tall

Jim can’t sit still.

I can sit for hours and not move a muscle.

I love animals.

Jim eats them.

Jim loves the cold

I’m always cold

I love to dance

Jim likes to watch

Jim loves rollercoasters

I throw up on the kiddie rides (just ask him)

I gain weight just looking at junk food

Jim has an insatiable sweet tooth

Jim’s favorite drink is milk

I’m lactose intolerant

I drink wine

Jim drinks beer

Jim can be impatient at times

I waited 10 years.


1 Comment

  1. katie said,

    i love love love this post. you two are so cute 🙂

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