Book Review

June 3, 2009 at 3:35 pm (Books) ()

My mother a few years ago gave me two books that had to do with being a bride and getting married. Now that I am engaged I have started to read them. So far, my reaction to the books is they are a load pooh and I don’t mean the fuzzy sweet bear. Society baffles me I have accepted each change in my life and I feel open to discuss these changes with my life partner and those people I have chosen to surround myself with. I have been with the same man for almost 10 years and if anyone dares say to me “are you sure about this” when I rant about how he forgot to do the dishes a. doesn’t really know me b. I will very explicitly explain to them how despite the fact that this man drives me insane somedays I can’t imagine anyone else in the world I would rather have drive me insane. I can be very verbal when I have to be. These book seem to have been written for women who keep their feeling bottled and don’t express opening what is going on in their head. I get in trouble many days for being to expressive. It talks about how I should be feeling like a part of me is dieing as I am reborn as a wife. Nope. In fact I take a bit of offense to this. I say each change, child, adult, wife, mother etc. is a progression, a growth. I still have a part of that child in me. The child part of me loves to play on the swing, look at the world for the lovely colors, jumps in rain puddles and loves openly and honestly. I am still reading these books because I am curious next how they explain the death of adulthood and the birth of being a wife. But I was compelled to share this small load with the few who read this random cascade of thoughts.


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