June 22, 2009 at 12:41 pm (Life) ()

I was asked in my job to explore the world of “new media” and determine how best to utilize it for our clients. Well after a year or so I began to feel more comfortable within this media and started to craft proposals. It was only last week that one of these proposals was complimented and I was told we would look further into this new venture. I am frustrated my lack of action, I am at my wits end because I am attempting to craft an appointment press release that I feel is sufficient but I have not been given any guidance, edits, criticism etc. I am frustrated. I am advising a younger person on choices in college and being an adult. They are stuck in one form of thinking and unable to see the bright blue sky staring at them and I am frustrated. More days than not I feel this sense of stalemate. Nothing is going to change and there is no end in sight. I fight the up hill battle but some days I just want to sit and say to heck with it all I don’t want to do a darn thing but sit and why can’t that be enough at least for today.


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