Talks with my father

August 10, 2009 at 9:45 am (Life, Work)

My father passed away a few years ago but that doesn’t stop me from asking him from time to time for things. I am an only child and used to getting what I ask for. So far I have gotten everything I have asked of him. Two girl friends have had healthy beautiful babies after having difficulties previously. The one and only sunny day was the day we had a picnic/party in the park for Jim’s birthday. The day we wanted for the wedding was open at the venue we picked. I had asked for help finding a new job but that hasn’t happened yet. I think that was because we are buying a house and banks look at how long you have been with your employer. But now we are well on our way to be being home owners so I ask again “Dad please help me find the career direction that will allow to live within my means and not dread going to work everyday” I don’t dread it now but I have had jobs before where it was a true struggle to get out of bed and I don’t need a lot of money just want to be comfortable. I just wish I knew which direction to head, hopefully my dad will be able to guide me. He has done a great job in the past leading me down the right path.


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