A new Diet, a new Struggle

January 15, 2010 at 9:48 am (Diet, Life)

I began a new diet – Ideal Protein, thru Live Well ADK. I started this diet back in early November. I have currently lost 22lbs. My goal is 50lbs. In the beginning it was tough but doable. I was determined to succeed and despite obstacles like Thanksgiving and Christmas I did not cheat. I didn’t even have the serious cravings or boredom. Well that has changed. The other night I became obsessed with getting something to eat. I really wanted chocolate or peanut butter – my downfall has always been Reese’s. I tried a cup of tea, I tried to have my allotted protein bar snack early. Nothing worked. Finally I just tried to watch tv distract my brain and of course most of the commercials are for sweets! But in the end I made it with out cheating. I have pulled out my recipe books and I’m trying to find recipes I can use or change slightly for this diet. Some days it would be so much easier to just have a bowl of mac and cheese though.

My stress levels have been thru the roof. We are in the process of buying a house-just waiting for the closing date and trying to plan a wedding. Plus the everyday stress that comes from a job in marketing and advertising. Its time to think outside the box without stepping into a another box.


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