29 days and counting 2, 3, 4

August 20, 2010 at 1:13 pm (Life)

I realized something I have a lot of close female friends but I do not have a best friend. This became very evident the night of my bachelorette party. I will just say I made my fun but if I had planned it for myself or what I was hoping for was not what occurred. Oh well. Sadly I drank far too much and my shower was the next morning – bad planning on the girls part. So I didn’t enjoy any of it and it would have been perfect it was a tea. With scones and desserts and cute tables and flowers but I was far too hung over to eat anything and had to excuse myself a few time anyway.

It is 29 days the big day and my dress still is not here and I am so fearful it won’t fit! My weight is fluctuating because I have been so depressed lately. Oh and the darn red thing is back on my nose and can you believe every Dr. I called is either not accepting new patients or booking into November. Maybe its good it is here now so it will be gone by the wedding….

Last night I discovered I have a cucumber in my garden – so excited I started these from seeds!  Of course 1 cuck out of I think 6 plants not great but hey next year I will do better 🙂  I will say from the shower we lots of gift cards for lowes and home depot so I am super excited to start more projects in the house – after the wedding of course!

Met with the dj again and I feel old. He gave me a list of the top 200 songs played at weddings and said just cross off whatever you don’t like and they won’t get played – thing is half of the songs I don’t recognize the artist or song even I know they are popular but darned if I know the song. Going to have to ask some young ones to assist.

Finally, I realized there aren’t many I love my auntie shirts for kids – I will have to remedy this  as I have “adopted” more nieces and nephews 🙂


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