Strange dreams

August 31, 2010 at 8:46 am (Life) ()

So the last few nights my dreams have been very odd but definitely telling me something.

Sat night I dreamed that my father kept trying to visit me but I kept missing his visits. This was very frustrating. Finally, I got to see him and he hugged me and then introduced me to a women I didn’t recognize then I woke up.

Last night, I was riding a bike to work and started heading down this hill but it was so steep I had to lean back to keep from toppling over head first. Which caused me to fall and lose the bike. So I began to walk. I kept getting lost, taking wrong turns going into wrong buildings. I was getting very upset because I was trying to go to work so I called my boss and she said don’t worry about it I’m in Paris. I met  up with someone who said they could show me the way back to the road I needed but as we were going this person became distracted by sights and another person began to talk to them. So I tried my gps device but that kept sending me over a road that ended and dropped off just like the hill with the bike.I kept asking for directions but no one knew what place I was talking about. I asked someone for a ride but they said no they couldn’t get to there by car.

So, it seems I am lost and feeling like I am missing something. I just hope I am on that right road.


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  1. katie said,

    hmmm, i remember reading once that dreams about being ‘physically lost’ represent a feeling of lack of control over a situation. maybe you’re feeling anxious about the wedding but like it’s out of your hands at the moment?

    no worries hun- everything will go smoothly 🙂 sweet dreams!

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