Make a Joyful Noise

September 10, 2010 at 9:38 am (Life) ()

So I need to work on me – my self esteem, my self confidence and bring some joy back to my life.

So here we go what brings me joy.

reading – theatre – dancing – bubble baths – flowers/plants – playing with animals – walking in the woods – making pies – making cookies – learning a craft – colours – good cup of tea – good glass of wine – watching movies – getting my nails done – getting a massage.

Today I will focus on colours. I need to bring more colour into my life and home so I am going to buy a rug (for the bathroom needed) or some pillows for the couch that have colour.

Tomorrow I am getting a massage.

Sunday I am planning on playing in my garden – I got some iris bulbs that are very colourful and need to plant them. And my holly bush needs a little love so this winter I will have loverly red berries.


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  1. katie said,

    awww, i love iris’s. i just planted some bearded blue iris’s on our back deck and im hoping they will give us something pretty to look at soon 🙂

    just keep smiling!

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