Little Man Tate, Irises & Grandma

September 13, 2010 at 3:16 pm (Life) (, , )

I watch Biography this weekend on Jody Foster and they talked about this movie.  I remember watching and hearing the child describe paintings specifically Irises by Van Goh. I was taken with his description I fell in love with the painting and began to see other stories within the paint. This movie also began my long love affair with the flower iris and or course with Van Goh. Sadly, I did not get to plant my iris bulbs on Sunday instead I did some chores and drove to see my grandma. She is 93 and it was grandparents day. So I picked up a card and decided it was a good day to give her the handkerchief I had embroidered for her (I didn’t do the embroidery I aid to have it done). She is not doing well and I know in my heart she is holding on for me to make it thru to the wedding.

Grandma is an amazing woman. She had 12 children all very different. She has outlived 2 husbands and takes care of 1 of her children that was born with a disability. I will miss her when she is gone but I know she has lived a long and wonderful life and she will not leave this world until she is ready. She has touched many lives and her legacy her beauty will continue on thru her children, grandchildren and so on.  So my joy yesterday was spending some time with my grandma, the irises can wait another day.

More chores await at home  but I will find the joy.


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